Doba Review – The Dropshipping Specialist

Doba is a drop-shipping specialist – it’s great at what it does, but if you are looking for a directory of drop-shippers AND wholesalers then I recommend Worldwide Brands.  If you’re looking for a high quality and reliable full service DROPSHIPPING partner then Doba may very well be the best option for you!

What is Doba?

If you are looking for an easy to use, one-stop-shop drop shipping solution provider that gives you access to some of the most complete tools to help boost your business, then Doba might just be the perfect partner in your endeavors. Boasting a staggering number of products from an ever-growing list of suppliers, many of which are top name brands, as well as providing top notch research and marketing tools, Doba prides itself in being the ultimate solution to your companies drop shipping needs. In this review, we take a hard look at why this company is one of the leaders in the drop ship game, and why their services are worth your precious time and hard-earned dollars.

Doba is a little different form the others, it’s not just a searchable list of suppliers but a catalogue of over two million products in nine categories from over 200 suppliers who specialise in dropshipping.  It has one of the top ratings on the BBB and has been in business for a long time.

Is it any good?

Although there is a monthly fee and this can add up fast, there is one good point about this – it enables Doba to maintain a first class specialised dropshipping hub service.  The monthly fees mean that they are never short of money to invest in finding and setting up new suppliers, so you should never be stuck and unable to find a good supplier.

Doba is a good choice if you are looking for a more managed solution and need a good quality resource for finding products to drop-ship fast.

The good points

  1. Low price guarantee -Doba guarantees its member that they have the lowest drop ship price anywhere. The promise is that they will credit $120 to your membership if you do happen to chance upon a lower price somewhere else.  This alone could be worth the additional cost of a monthly membership fee.
  2. Over two million products in 9 categories, Doba has a huge scale
  3. Specialises in drop-shipping and does it very well
  4. Very good account support
  5. Over 200 suppliers, all drop-shippers
  6. 30 day free trial available
  7. List of suppliers and products grows daily
  8. Search for products in detail
  9. No Restocking Fees

The bad points

  1. Doba has a monthly subscription and it’s not cheap at a little under $50 a month.
  2. Does not include wholesalers – only a dropshipper directory (not necessarily a bad point)

In Conclusion

Doba is a great choice if you are looking for a full service drop-shipping directory and partner, with over two million products listed and a simple (but not cheap) interface that allows you to search in detail by product, not just supplier or category.

Salehoo – The Supplier Directory

Salehoo is an online directory consisting of over 8000 verified and legitimate manufacturers, wholesalers, liquidators and drop shippers. Unlike most drop shipping companies, however, SaleHoo does not offer the products directly to its members but only acts as an intermediary linking its members to the listed verified product suppliers. Consequently, the sellers and retailers get a convenient and safe platform to source for wholesale products that have dropped shipping capabilities.

SaleHoo boasts of not less than 150 product categories of over one and a half million products. To use the directory, one must sign up and pay a membership subscription fee and can conduct a search using the Seller, Product or Product Name categories. Besides the directory, SaleHoo offers useful market research tools, customer support and active forums.

Being one of the largest directories of drop shippers and wholesalers, SaleHoo offers real-time value to retailers and potential Amazon FBA sellers. It does so in various ways. For starters, the listing directory provides access to a pool of genuine suppliers, wholesalers, liquidators and drop shippers. It also houses several useful tools like the Email customer support, members forum and Market Research Lab.

The good points:

  1. Has a large directory – over 8,000 suppliers as of 2017
  2. Suppliers are screened before being added – although there is not a guarantee that every suppliers is the best priced or most reliable, Salehoo do perform some checks before adding them to their directory.
  3. Offers an international reach.  Salehoo is based in New Zealand and many suppliers are outside the USA
  4. forums and basic tutorials
  5. Saves time – suppliers are easy to search for
  6. Both wholesalers and drop shippers are listed

The bad points:

  1. Annual membership can make this a more expensive option if you remain a member for a long time
  2. Not all suppliers are cheap enough to sell on very competitive marketplaces – eBay, for example
  3. There are no hidden fees, but for additional training you have to pay for the up-sells.


Salehoo is a good quality directory of dropshippers and wholesalers, it’s reliable and if you join for a few years then it’s low priced.

The main alternative to Salehoo is Worldwide Brands, which I’ve written about in detail here.

What is the best wholesale / dropshipping directory in 2017?

There are several big wholesale / dropshipping directories at the moment; including Worldwide Brands and Doba to name a few.  But which is the best and are any of them really worth joining?

The answer depends somewhat on what you are looking for.  Are you looking for the cheapest option?  How much do you want to spend?  Are you looking for dropshippers, wholesalers or both?

Best all rounder

In my opinion Worldwide Brands is the best all round option.  It has the largest directory – including both wholesaler and dropshippers, has a one off payment for lifetime access (no hidden or recurring fees), comes with great customer support and perhaps most importantly it has the highest level of verification that a supplier needs to go through before being added to the directory – such strong vetting that Worldwide Brands guarantee that there are no scammers among the over ten thousand suppliers they list.

The low cost option

Salehoo has an annual fee, so for every year that you are a member you’ll have to pay again.  In the long term this makes it one of the more expensive directories, but if you are looking just to join for a year it is the cheapest option at $67.  There is also a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you are disappointed then you can easily get a refund.

The drop-shipping specialist

Doba specialises in dropshippers and it does it well.  It comes with a high price tag of nearly $50 a month to be a member, but has many satisfied customers.

The risk free trial

Shopify is a not directory of suppliers, but it is probably the leading e-commerce software product at the moment.  Shopify recently started a 14 day free trial of their directory, which shows how confident they are in their directory.  It’s certainly worth registering at least and having a free search – and if you find what you’re looking for there may be a good reason to join permanently.

The latest addition

An new directory that bills itself as the ‘alternative to shopify’ is EKM. Although I’ve not used this directory, I’ve heard good things.


Personally if I could pick just one, it would probably be the all rounder, but that’s based on my needs and not yours – I recommend checking each one out in detail before making a decision.

Don’t forget that I’ve reviewed the top directories in more detail and that most come with either a free trial or a money back guarantee, which takes out a big part of the risk.

Are Wholesaler / Dropshipper Directories Worth the Money?

There are a number of directories online that list wholesalers, drop-shippers, liquidators and other discount suppliers for a range of products.  the better ones will be searchable by supplier name, product category and product names, but in most cases there will be a fee to join these directories.

From Salehoo’s $67 per year subscription to Worldwide Brands’s $299 lifetime subscription these fees can run into hundreds of dollars, so it’s worth asking if these directories actually offer any suppliers that you could not find yourself on Google for nothing.

First of all, who are the top directories?

Worldwide Brands – potentially the largest on the list.  I’ve written more about WorldWide Brands in detail here.

Doba – this one specialises in connecting their subscribers with low priced and reliable drop-shippers, although they also list some companies that offer wholesale at scale too.  It’s a good place to start if you have set your mind on a drop-shipping business model.

Salehoo – this one has a large directory of over 8,000 suppliers and has the lowest initial cost at $67 for a one year subscription, but the fee is recurring annually so it can easily add up if you remain a member for years.

Shopify – one of the best known directories, Shopify is a simple and easy to use service for connecting to good quality suppliers online.

Which is the best?

Well, that really depends what you’re looking for.  Some are larger than others, some review their suppliers in more detail (there is often a risk of scams) and some are more costly than others.

One of the key advantages of joining a verified directory over searching yourself on Google is that the directory editor should have researched and tested each supplier that they add to their list before approving them.  This takes a lot of the risk out, as you will know that each supplier is reliable to deal with.

When looking at dropshipping directories, these are the key points to look out for:

  1. How large is their directory?  Salehoo is over 8,000 suppliers long, Worldwide Brands is even larger.
  2. Do they research each supplier throughly enough before adding them to their list?  There is a real risk that scams can get in so this is important.
  3. Does the directory list wholesalers, drop-shippers or both?  Some specialise in one or the other
  4. How much does it cost to join?  Don’t just go for the one with the lowest initial fee – remember that recurring fees can really add up.

Worldwide brands is, in my opinion, the best all rounder – with genuinely vetted (not just ‘screened’) wholesalers and drop-shippers with truly global reach (based in the USA though).  If you’re looking for a dropshipping specialist and have the money to pay a monthly subscription fee, then check out Doba also.

I’ve written a number of articles on this site about selling online and reviewed the top e-commerce products and services here also.

What is Dropshipping?

So you’re interested in starting an e-commerce business, but don’t (or cant afford to) buy a large amount of wholesale stock up front before making any sales?  Then drop shipping may be the solution for you.

Recently defined as ‘an arrangement between a business and the manufacturer or distributor of a product the business wishes to sell in which the manufacturer or distributor–and not the business–ships the product to the business’s customers’, dropshipping essentially means that you can sell items that a supplier has in stock (but you don’t) and then have them sent directly from that supplier (a ‘dropshipper’) to your customer – only paying when for one item at a time.

It’s a pretty good way to start up selling online, the only downside is that you are not able to negotiate rock bottom prices by buying in bulk.

Still, there are some pretty significant advantages:

  1. Not having to worry about shipping products yourself, there are a few other advantages to this business model.
  2. It saves you the cost of building your own inventory. If you’re like most people starting a small business, you don’t have a ton of extra money lying around, so the last thing you want to do is tie up your cash in inventory that you may or may not be able to sell.
  3. No inventory also means no leftovers. If the product you sell suddenly becomes outdated, obsolete or just plain untrendy, you aren’t the one with a room or warehouse full of stock nobody will buy. Many online retailers find themselves having to offer deep discounts–and taking huge losses–on old products just to get them out of their homes or warehouses to make room for more inventory.
  4. You’ll be able to add new products to your site almost instantly. Since you don’t have to worry about stocking inventory, if you find your customers calling for a particular product, it’s not unrealistic to expect you could add the item to your site in just a few days.

In theory, dropshipping sounds like a great idea because it’s inherently scalable without you having to do a lot of work up front. But when you dig down a bit further, it becomes obvious why dropshipping isn’t so great.

However, there are some potential disadvantages to take into account as well:

  1. You will not be getting the lowest price – the customer who buys in the biggest quantity will
  2. You may need to charge higher shipping costs than you would like – the price of that is under control of the drop shipper, not you
  3. A large part of the sale process – and your customer service – will be out of your hands.  You’ll have to rely on your supplier

Although there are disadvantages there there is still one key advantage that in my view makes it worth at least trying – there is virtually no capital at risk; you do no need to invest in stock upfront.

There are also a number of very well established drop shippers with low prices and good customer service (remember: their business relies on these things too).

I’ve written in more detail about some of the best dropshippers here.

Worldwide Brands Review – is it worth joining or not?

Selling online – through your own e-commerce site or an established site like eBay or Amazon – is a great way to earn some extra income or build a business.  There are a huge number of successful online businesses that started with just one person selling products they loved from their own home – even multi-billion dollar super-business started in a garage back in 1994 just selling books.

Finding good suppliers though is key – especially as things are more competitive now than ever.  That’s probably why you’re reading this – you’ve herd of ‘Worldwide Brands’ and want to find out if it’s worth joining.  Well I hope by the end of this review you’ll have the answer.

What is Worldwide Brands?

You may have heard this before – and please bear with me, this review will get more interesting – but Worldwide brands is not a wholesaler or dropshipper itself; it is a searchable directory of wholesalers and dropshippers that was founded in 1999.  Over 8,000 of them to be exact, with more than 16 million products listed at any one time.

worldwide brands is a leading wholesale and dropshipping directory

Usually suppliers with around 500,000 products between them are added to the Worldwide Brands directory every year, and as WWD maintains a strict verification criteria for suppliers who want to join – or remain – on their list, some will be removed too.

Worldwide Brands is designed to be used to find products at low prices from dropshippers/wholesalers and compare prices between the different suppliers of each product (there will usually be many).  The directory is searchable by product category, brand, supplier and crucially product name/keywords.

It’s the only directory that has been certified by eBay, and is used mostly by small businesses and individuals who sell on sites like eBay and Amazon, but also those with their own e-commerce stores.

Worldwide brands is based in the USA (Florida) and although nearly all of their suppliers will ship to the USA, many will trade internationally too.  Most will have no minimum order requirement, and there are a significant number of dropshippers as well as traditional wholesalers.

Why use a directory rather than cold calling or googling suppliers?

This is the important bit – is Worldwide Brands, or any other supplier directory, worth paying to join when with some work you could find a supplier on Google or by calling various companies?

It’s true that many of the wholesalers and dropshippers that are listed in directories like WWB, Salehoo, etc. are not exactly hiding from potential customers – you should be able to find them if you know what to look for.

A good directory like World Wide Brands has a few distinct advantages over manually searching the Internet though.

First of all, it’s easier and faster to use a directory.  With WWB or a similar directory, you really only need to log in and search for the product that you want the compare the suppliers that come up.  The WWB directory is searchable by product name/keywords/etc. so you’ll be able to type in something like “ralph lauren shirt” or “teapots” and a list of the suppliers for these products will come up, with the key details listed for each one – contact info, product details, minimum orders.  In my experience that can save a lot of time and effort, even if you’re pretty experienced with Google.

The second reason – and it’s really a key advantage some directories have  – is that the suppliers they list are all verified by the directory’s editors.

Thirdly, with WWB you KNOW that all the suppliers listed will work with online retailers. This will save a lot of time, if you go off to look for suppliers on your own, because many companies do not indicate they will work with online retailers on their websites and you have to contact each one to see if they will work with you. The Worldwide Brands Directory will only list suppliers that meet the first requirement of selling wholesale to online retailers.

Worldwide Brands, for example, will check each supplier for reliability (do they actually do what they promise?) and credibility (e.g. are the products genuine or counterfeit?) quite thoroughly before adding them to their directory.  While other directories like Salehoo also ‘screen’ suppliers before adding them, World Wide Brands have the strictest criteria, which is what’s made them the only directory certified by eBay and they are confident enough to be the only directory (again) who guarantee there are no scams in their database.

Supplier verification, if you’re curious, includes visiting the supplier’s warehouse, testing out their service from a buyer’s perspective and

This gives directories a big advantage, especially where drop-shipping is concerned.  If you are unlucky enough to start dealing with a poor quality supplier then your customers are likely to be disappointed (and post negative reviews about your shop) and if you’re particularly unlucky then you may find that they do not deliver at all.  This risk is eliminated through a good directory, which will only include reputable suppliers.

Worldwide Brands has the strictest verification requirements of all the directories I’ve reviewed, which puts them at the top of the list in terms of reliability.

What are the alternatives?

The cheapest alternative is to just search Google or Bing for wholesalers, which is also the cheapest option – there are no fees to join!

The problem though is that this takes more time than you would expect and there is little protection from unreliable suppliers.

There are other directories of wholesalers and drop-shipper too though – some are cheaper than Worldwide Brands and other more expensive.  One of the most popular is Salehoo.

Salehoo is a good directory with a large number of suppliers listed.  Similar to Worldwide Brands, Salehoo ‘screens’ suppliers but the verification process is not as comprehensive as WWB.  It’s priced at $67 a year, which is initially cheaper than Worldwide Brands, but in the long run the annual fees can add up – Worldwide Brands has one fee for lifetime access and no recurring fees, hidden fees or charges unlike most of the alternatives.

In my experience with services like this you get what you pay for.  There are cheaper alternatives, but it is expensive to fully research and verify over 8,000 suppliers and Worldwide Brands is the market leader at this – that’s why it’s the only directory that guarantees the quality of their suppliers and is the only directory to be certified by eBay itself.

Another potential alternative is Doba.  Doba is more expensive and caters exclusively for those looking for drop-shipper – there are no wholesalers listed.  It’s a good service if you are a beginner looking for the easiest way to find  suppliers who drop ship, but does cost $59 a month, much more than WWB or Salehoo.

The pros and cons of WorldWide Brands

The key benefits of Worldwide Brands are that the suppliers are guaranteed to be reliable and verified and that it’s so easy to find wholesalers and drop-shippers at low prices and with low minimum orders.  The scale of the directory is huge – with over 16 million products from 8,000+ fully vetted wholesalers and dropshippers as of 2017.

It can be hard, even with a tool like Worldwide Brands, to find suppliers that are priced low enough to sell at a profit on some popular online marketplaces, but it is much harder if you don’t have a tool that can compare suppliers by product from various sources at once.  Having access to a directory can significantly reduce the amount of work necessary to find products priced low enough to sell online at a profit.

In addition to access to the most extensive list of verified suppliers, Worldwide Brands comes with access to forums that have many experienced members giving advice and market research tools – much like Salehoo.

The WWB customer service staff are very helpful.  In fact on the search page you’ll see there is a ‘can’t find it’ button on the bottom right of the page – if you cannot find the product you’re looking for then someone will be there to assist, and they may be able to find and add a supplier if there is enough demand also.  More suppliers are added each week.

Worldwide Brands is based in the US and their coverage of the main wholesalers and dropshippers bade in the US is virtually 100%.  They do have a good number of international suppliers as well.

The directory is accessible on mobile and tablets devices (both Apple and Android) as well as a computer, which is pretty convenient if you/re working and travelling.

The main downside to Worldwide Brands is the initial cost of membership which is usually $299, however, if you buy through this link then you can get $30 off – $269 instead of $299.

Other than the one off $269 membership fee there are no additional fees or hidden charges though.

Click here for more information about Worldwide Brands

Remember as well that this is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme – it will not make you money ‘on autopilot’ or just by joining it.  Worldwide brands is just a directory of reputable suppliers.  It’s a great tool for those new to selling online (or elsewhere) or those growing their business or looking for cheaper suppliers – but it’s not going to make you a millionaire overnight.

In Conclusion: Is WorldWide Brands worth joining?

If you are new to e-commerce/reselling online or are looking to expand then I would say the investment in Worldwide brands is worth it.

Worldwide Brands offers a 60 day money back guarantee and you can pay through PayPal (which offers buyer protection too), so it’s low risk to try it out.

If the $269 (discounted here) membership fee is too much, then there is a three month instalment option available – at $99 for the first month, then $110 for the second and finally $110 for the third.  That gives you three months to try it out and pay gradually.


Click Here for more information about Worldwide Brands